Hump day already?! Where has this week gone?

With moving back home from college, my room has been a complete mess. I have had trouble trying to find storage/space for all of the crap I took to school + everything else I bought along the way (a lot). It took a week or so to get everything all put up, but the thing that was making my brain rattle was all of the jewelry that I had no place to put. I thought about buying a jewelry armoire, but I don’t want to take up any more space in my room, so I plan on purchasing one when I move out in the future. For right now though, I am storing it all on my “beauty wall,” along with my nail polish rack. I gained the inspiration for this idea from Pinterest and knew that this project would be super easy and quick!

As I am writing this now, I realize how terribly off centered and spaced I put the rods and I can’t help, but laugh. I will fix that asap! 😂

To create this, I used:

  • Wooden dowels (3/8)
  • White paint
  • White yarn
  • Thumbtacks
  • Grey felt (8 pieces)
  • Lid from a box laying around the house

To cut the dowels, I used one of my grandpa’s tools (large scissors of some sort), which was pretty easy! Afterward, I painted each one white.

To do the earring/ring holder, I cut the felt to size and got out some old colored pencils to help roll up the felt better. With dabs of hot glue every few rolls, they all started coming together. I didn’t even have to hot glue the rolls inside the box, I just shoved them in there as tight as possible and was good to go.

I cut the yarn into strips, tied the ends, stuck the thumbtacks in the wall, and waa-la.

Project complete. ✅

This DIY was super affordable and easy to do. Although it doesn’t look the best, I don’t plan on staying in this room much longer and will upgrade to a jewelry armoire when the time is right. I love displaying jewelry as it is pleasing to the eye and helps me to remember which pieces I have.

Let me know what you think and how you store your jewelry down below! XOXO

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  1. I haven’t come across a post like this, it’s so creative I love it. I store my jewelry primarily in a bag with individual pouches but my main go to pieces, I would put on a trinket tray on my night stand 🙂

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